SPIN Analytics | About Us
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About Us

SPIN Analytics is leading the way of

Explainable AI automation in Regulatory Credit Risk Modeling.

We bring digital transformation in Credit Risk Management by leveraging predictive analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques on Big Data.

As a modern FinTech leader we help global Tier 1 and digital banks improve credit risk management

A team of ex-bankers, data scientists and credit modellers, we have developed a next-generation explainable AI-based platform, RISKROBOT™ that massively accelerates the data preparation, development, validation, documentation and deployment of Regulatory Credit Risk models.
It implements all the sophisticated algorithms and advanced methodologies for best-in-class, fast and updated regulatory reporting making it extremely simple for Financial Institutions to significantly enhance and fully automate their Credit Risk Management process.
Latest use cases in:
  • Model Development for Tier1 Banks and Neo Banks in 4 continents (PD/LGD/CCF/EAD)
  • Validation to challenge current models
  • Automated Regulatory Documentation in minutes written by RISKROBOTTM
Serving customers globally in Europe, Asia, and the Americas
Delivers 10x speed and decreases the model development and maintenance time by up to 90%
Reduces total costs by 70%, while improving model accuracy and stability
RISKROBOT™ has won 80+ global FinTech and RegTech awards in 4 continents
Automated regulatory reporting
Best-in-class and high-quality model documentation