SPIN Analytics | SPIN Analytics Announces Global Advisory Board to Expand International Growth
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SPIN Analytics Announces Global Advisory Board to Expand International Growth

SPIN Analytics Announces Global Advisory Board to Expand International Growth

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SPIN Analytics Announces Global Advisory Board to Expand International Growth


SPIN Analytics, a modern FinTech provider that brings a new paradigm for credit risk modelling, announces today the formation of a Global Advisory Board to empower the company’s role as the next frontier of digital transformation in FinTech.

The Advisory Board is made up of three internationally recognized leaders who bring a wealth of knowledge and a depth of expertise in the financial services sector to drive SPIN Analytics’ growth, innovation and global expansion while strengthening relationships with its customers.

  • Sue Harnett, Ex-Senior Exec of Citigroup, a global business leader, strategist, and board member with over thirty years of experience in operations, digital channels, restructuring, e-commerce, data analytics, M&A, and customer experience. Lately she earned permission to use the Qualified Risk Director® designation in a recognition of her specialised skills and knowledge in the governance of positive risk-taking.
  • Gautam Mukharya, Chief Risk Officer (CRO) for HSBC Singapore, a seasoned banker and Risk professional having 25 years of experience in the financial sector across multiple geographies, with specialization in credit and enterprise risks, and an active sponsor of Innovation, FinTech and new technologies.
  • Andrew Stott, global banking and consulting veteran with over 40 years’ experience has had an outstanding professional career in banking and consulting, including 11 years as Head of Western Europe for Oliver Wyman, subsequently leading the entry of Oliver Wyman into China and India.

“SPIN Analytics has brought enormous innovative efficiencies to financial services and regulatory reporting, and I am pleased to join the company’s Advisory Board,” said Sue Harnett. “I look forward to offering my extensive experience in global financial services, strategy, innovation and business transformation to SPIN Analytics as the company develops upon its remarkable performance in the market and helping it to successfully identify and address risks and new opportunities.”

“I am very pleased to join the Global Advisory Board of such an impactful company for the digital transformation of banks. SPIN Analytics has always been a catalyst for the financial services industry, leading the way of Explainable AI automation in Regulatory Credit Risk Modeling,” said Gautam Mukharya. “I am confident that together with my fellow board members and the management team, we can help SPIN Analytics to improve its product suite and accelerate the adoption of RISKROBOTTM by global as well as digital banks to enhance their credit risk management.”

“I am very pleased to join SPIN Analytics’ Global Advisory Board, a groundbreaking company that rides the wave of innovation towards the digital transformation of banks. RISKROBOTTM has the potential to industrialize an expert-intensive core process employing thousands of specialists around the world. RISKROBOTTM’s combination of expert methodologies with Explainable AI in Regulatory Credit Risk Modeling will allow banks to automate much of the routine, manual work in this heavily regulated core process, reducing the current capacity bottlenecks and allowing credit risk modeling and validation experts to concentrate on tasks where they add most value,” said Andrew Stott.

“I am very excited and honored to announce the formation of our Global Advisory Board. The comprehensive experience this group brings to the company is highly valuable and today indicates another vital remark for SPIN Analytics,” said Panos Skliamis, Co-Founder & CEO of SPIN Analytics. “Our expansion plans are going to be reinforced with our trusted advisors to help our customers build and enhance their digital transformation. Our Strategic Global Advisory Board will be essential in our ability to deliver FinTech and RegTech innovations and accelerate our customers’ success.”

Panos Skliamis