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Welcome to the next frontier of digital transformation in FinTech

Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning - Predictive Analytics

Join Spin Analytics and create a solid competitive advantage for your financial technology projects.

  • Automated modern modeling methodologies
  • Advanced scientific tools for analytics on Big Data
  • User-friendly interface and visualization
  • Modeling and Analytics with unlimited applications

Spin Analytics helps business and financial leaders to reformulate their challenges and Convert Data into Actionable Intelligence.

Join the world of Management Revolution and Automatically:

  • Understand customer behavior
  • Analyze Trends
  • Identify opportunities
  • Control Risk
  • Use big data to decide based on evidence rather than intuition
  • Act, Comply and Optimize Profitability
  • Run “what if” scenarios

Spin Analytics can guide you in the new era of innovative technologies.

It enables leaders to identify which company information is more important and obtain the ability to develop a framework that consolidates that information and reveals all the hidden patterns that act as reliable future predictors.

It applies the most advanced methodologies, developed by experienced Data Scientists and Technology Experts, which can enhance your company’s assets:

  • Artificial Intelligence – AI
  • Machine Learning – ML
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Big Data Analytics


Expand Corporate Agility by choosing to work with

Synthesis and Analysis






Seasoned Experts



RISKROBOT implements Credit Risk Models’ development and maintenance by leveraging predictive analytics, AI and ML techniques on Big Data. It also implements all the sophisticated algorithms and methodologies needed for advanced risk management and regulatory purposes. It makes extremely simple for both Financial Institutions and Corporations to significantly upgrade and fully automate their Credit Risk Management process.

The next frontier in optimizing Credit Decisions

A set of Machine Learning (ML) Techniques are employed to upgrade Credit Decisions on the higher possible level by constantly determining their effectiveness and suggesting corrective actions that lead to decreased losses and costs as well as improved profitability. Forward-looking perspectives can be easily examined through scenarios analysis.

Automated modern modeling methodologies

RISKROBOT incorporates a number of automated engines to apply the most modern methodologies and techniques on developing and validating statistical and algorithmic models. The automation of development ensures the minimum human intervention and eliminates possibilities of human errors or subjective decisions. All the kinds of developed models are subjects of periodical validation and calibration in order to confirm their efficiency and accuracy.

Advanced scientific tools for analytics on Big Data

Big Data analytics are used for revealing potential pathologies of Credit Process and shed light on Credit Policies’ weaknesses which can then be analyzed by the incorporated Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and Expert Systems in order to derive suggestions that will optimize the efficiency of the relevant practices and policies.

Predictive Analytics

Innovative Predictive Analytics engines are used for forecasting Credit Behavior, future costs and Credit Losses of both Customers and entire Credit Portfolios.

User friendly interface and visualization

All the above complexity is hidden for the users behind a collection of user-friendly front-ends that provide all the sophisticated functionality through a few clicks or taps.


  • Banking
  • Credit Insurance
  • P2P Lending
  • PE & Holdings
  • Enterprises
  • Hedge Funds
  • Mutual Funds


  • Banking
  • Enterprises
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Spin Analytics comprises seasoned professional experts and Data Scientists with strong business acumen and first-hand knowledge of impacting a company with digital transformation on a national and global level.

The unique track record of each SPIN Analytic guarantees the use of transparent strategies to achieve your corporate vision.

Accelerate your profitability and expansion plans by building a trusted business relation with a guardian of integrity and professionalism as each SPIN Analytic’s main objective is to deliver quality results above expectations.

Use our expertise and translate your financial data into useful business information.

" Each strategy represents a hypothesis that is tested against the unfolding realities of markets, technologies, regulations and competitors."

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